Teacher workshop with Miranda Bass: Saturday 28th November 2015

Taking shape with tactile cueing – assistance or resistance?

Date – Saturday November 28th
Time – 11am – 6pm
Cost – £150
Venue – Reigate Pilates

The morning workshop welcomes teachers of any level or experience. The day will focus on how to help your clients get into shape using your hands, sometimes your feet and legs, and of course your voice.

We will look at when to use assistance and when to apply resistance. Moulding your clients with both tactile cues and visualisation is an essential skill. I qualified in massage therapy 25 years ago (3 years after I had been certified in Pilates) and have found that hands on is one of my most useful tools. Sometimes we need to encourage relaxation, other times we need to wake up a muscle; sometimes we need to help stretch an area and other times we need to contain a movement.

I will demonstrate various techniques to help gear your clients into certain areas that need more activity and take out tension from unwanted and useless energy channelling. It’s a matter of moulding your client into various shapes.

Afternoon session – Teaching Pilates Mat classes will inevitably involve teaching mixed abilities. Even if clients can move into a more advanced class due to greater ability, they often can’t shift their schedules. Beginners have to come into classes without the same knowledge and ability as the regulars. I hope to teach how to move some on and keep others at a safe and working level, yet maintain flow.

We will look at how to challenge students by making small changes to exercises without losing the goal of the movement. As Pilates is a discipline to be practised, (if not daily then at least three times a week) it is easy to slip into automatic pilot. There are many ways to keep your clients alert and inspired. We all have to remain inspiring teachers year after year after year! I am just coming to the end of my third decade teaching Pilates and many of my clients have been with me for decades. I have had to learn how to keep them with me and bring in novices. We will all have devotees on our books who are never going to achieve the advanced Mat in its full form and although I am a keen advocate of the full program performed at a good pace, (The Percussive Mat – Pilates Stripped Back) I know that only a few will get there as many of our clientele have started late in life and come to our doors with diverse problems.

However, once the rehabilitative process is over we must take them beyond the curative phase to the physical fitness level they should be reaching for. Pilates called ‘Return to Life’! Teachers need user-friendly education to bring their clients to their personal best. As we work on a practical level we will also revise some of the anatomical aspects of the exercises, in case you have forgotten!!

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