New Franklin Method workshop: February 2016

Date – Sunday February 28th
Morning session – 9am – 12.30pm
Afternoon session – 1.30pm – 5pm
Cost – Half day cost: £90 – 
Full day cost: £170
Venue – Reigate Pilates

To reserve your place contact us @ Reigate Pilates: info@reigatepilates.com – 07806 876166 – spaces are limited!!

Franklin Method – The Mighty Psoas – Muscle Complex Extraordinaire

What is the Ilio-Psoas and what is it for? Apart from maybe being the Filet Mignon we pick out on the restaurant menu, it is unknown to most. The Psoas Major is unique in that it is the only muscle that connects our spine to our leg in the front of our pelvis. Due to its size and central location, it is a key element in biomechanical efficiency. Starting with an introduction of how to work with muscles and imagery, we will proceed to touch the psoas, lengthen the psoas and walk from the psoas. We will be doing Franklin ball exercises to activate, balance and release the whole ilio- psoas complex. Pelvic alignment will have a whole new component and feel.


  • The different functions of the 3 muscles of the Ilio-Psoas complex.
  • How to create flexibility and strength simultaneously.
  • How to release long held tension areas and create balanced tone in the body.
  • How to melt, sponge, slide, elongate and strengthen your muscles.

Franklin Method – Increase your Energy & Release Stress through Natural Breathing

Many of us agree that breathing is very important not just for survival but our overall wellbeing. Yet most of us don’t really know how it actually works. What is good breathing, what is the design and what can prevent its proper activation? Your breathing influences the health of a variety of aspects like posture, heart, digestion, pelvic floor, emotions, learning ability and energy levels. In this workshop we will come to understand the design, structure and movements of the diaphragm, ribs, deep abdominal muscles and how they can work together to strengthen and free up both body and mind. Through easy-to-do imagery, touch, voice and movement exercises we will explore the mechanics and physiology of breathing. We will explore the wave pattern of breathing up and down the spine and experience how we can use our breath as our positive energy thermostat.


  • How breathing works and what it means to breathe well.
  • How posture and breathing are related.
  • How to use breathing to improve your endurance.

Click here to download a pdf of this information

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