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Our current timetable

Due to the Coronovirus outbreak, the studio is now closed, but we are running all of our 18 weekly mat classes online!!

Our Spring 2020 term classes ONLINE are available to book now!  The term runs between Tues April 14th and Sat July 18th with no half term break.  We have two weeks left of our current term and are also offering those classes as per the SAME timetable below, ONLINE.

Our Spring 2020 timetable is shown below so please email or call us to ask for details.

All ONLINE Mat classes last for 1 hour in duration.  However, you are free to log in earlier to say “hi” to your other classmates which at this moment in time, could be a lifeline, during this unprecedented time.  We will also have time afterwards to put the kettle on and discuss the class, the weather and anything else!

To book your classes online, email us to ask how and we will send you a “How to” document or bookmark the page on the first button below so that you can sort our classes out online! Any questions please ask!

Go to Reigate Pilates at mindbodyonline.com Mindbodyonline.com booking guide (pdf)

Choose a day from the tabs below

9.30am – Improvers mat class – Sharron
11am – Gentle Improvers mat class – Sharron
5pm – Gentle Improver mat class – Sharron
6.30pm – Improvers mat class – Sharron
8pm – Intermediate mat class – Sharron
10am – Gentle Improver mat class – Nancy
9.30am – Intermediate/Adv mat class – Sarah
11am – Gentle Improvers mat class – Sarah
12.30pm – Improver mat class – Sarah
9.30am – Intermediate mat class – Sarah
11am – Gentle Improvers mat class – Sarah
12.30pm – Improver/Intermediate mat class – Sarah
6.30pm – Improver mat class – Charlene
8pm – Intermediate mat class – Charlene
9.30am – Intermediate/Advanced mat class – Sarah
11am – Gentle Improvers mat class – Sarah
12.30pm – Intermediate mat class – Shannon
9am – Intermediate mat class – Silver/Shelley

This timetable is subject to change depending on teacher availability and demand.