New to Pilates?

Why choose Reigate Pilates?

Reigate Pilates is the only school to offer Body Control Pilates classes in the area. We have recently opened the only purpose built pilates studio in the Reigate area complete with Pilates apparatus, mat classes and specialising in rehabilitation and 1:1 tuition all under one roof. We are centrally located in a beautiful, clean and light environment with easy access, air conditioning and offer parking close by. Body Control teachers are regarded as the benchmark for safe and effective teaching of the highest standard. BCP is Europes largest professional Pilates organisation. Classes are never bigger than 10 people which ensures more 1:1 attention. Expect BCP to be particularly hands on and correctional.

Our  location is Second Floor Suite, 39–41 Church St, Reigate, RH2 0AD – we are above Mishika and Spice Guru – look for the signs and follow them up to the top floor – see the map on the contact page!

I have never done Pilates before. Can I join a group class?

Before entering a group class, it is ideal to have at least one private session first, to ensure that you are ready and safe to join a class. It is important that you have a good understanding of the basics before you begin to work on more challenging exercises. Private sessions may not suit everyone from a financial perspective – but we offer competitive rates for your initial one to one consultation. With no injuries, back problems or issues you can often expect you join a beginners class without needing a 1:1 session.

Can men do Pilates?

Absolutely! The Method was originally developed by Joseph Pilates to keep himself fit and healthy. He lived until a ripe old age and had the physique of a man in his 30s! Pilates works to correct common muscle imbalances and restores good postural alignment, so these are issues affecting both genders.

Can Pilates help my performance in other sports?

Absolutely! Pilates compliments other sports effectively and works to strengthen weaker areas whilst rebalancing areas of tension, thus resulting in improvements in technique of your chosen sport, be it running, tennis, martial arts, golf or rugby. Many professional athletes use the Pilates Method to enhance their performance as part of their training routine.

What should I wear?!

Anything comfortable that you can move freely in. Ideally something tight fitting, like leggings and a T-shirt so that we can see whats going on around your body! Joseph Pilates used to train in his underpants (not that I’m suggesting that!) No trainers or shoes necessary, just bare feet or socks. We provide all the equipment needed for each class.