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Pilates mat classes

At Reigate Pilates all our mat based classes focus on establishing and reinforcing all the fundamental pilates principles. We will challenge you in as many ways as we possibly can with the use of small pieces of pilates equipment like the foam roller, bands, balls and above all lots of banter!! Our classes are fun and dynamic and you will not only feel great after each class, but also develop new friendships along the way which is one of the advantages to group class exercise.

Group mat classes are split up into different levels according to ability and a description of each level can be found below.

Mat classes run on a termly basis and are scheduled at the same time each week.


If you have never done pilates before, then look out for our New Beginner classes which we add quite frequently to our timetable. You will learn all of the fundamental pilates principles and our teachers will ensure you perform each exercise with correct technique. You will learn a lot about the anatomy of your body during a beginners course which normally runs for around 12-13 weeks. This type of class is also ideal for someone who has had a long break from pilates or someone who has perhaps started 1:1 sessions with an injury and is now ready for group mat classes.

Gentle Improver

For those who need to work at a slightly lower level and slower pace. This might be due to injury or a medical condition. Most of these classes are geared towards the older person – specifically the over 50’s who in these classes will benefit more from increasing mobility and flexibility in the spine and who need extra assistance for certain exercises. Not suitable for new Beginners. Most Gentle Improvers have now been coming to classes for many years!


This level is a step up from Beginners. It may be a “New Improver” class which Beginners have moved into or it may be an “Existing Improver” class which has been running for several terms. Either way, it is a class designed to progress the client in a gradual way, slowly challenging the body with more complicated exercises and sequences as the body builds in stamina and strength. Before joining this class, check with the teacher as to which level Improver class it is, so that we can ensure you enter the correct level.


As the repertoire of exercises increases, the Classical matwork sequences start to be taught in greater depth. Clients must have a solid understanding of pilates and have been taught to a high level if joining this class from another pilates studio. We would generally ask you to do a 1:1 session if new to the studio, to ensure your suitability, as classes are of a faster pace, more dynamic and exercises flow seamlessly. These classes should be attended on a regular basis, if not twice a week minimum so as to maintain strength and stamina.

Advanced and Classical Mat

For the super-advanced students only! Not recommended for anyone with injuries. Exercises become much more challenging as the original Joseph Pilates sequence of mat work is taught. Full focus is needed for the entire class as the connection between body and mind is at its highest intensity. Very little correction is given as the exercises are more fast paced and dynamic. Not for the faint hearted! Several of our teachers attend these classes!

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