Dawn Chappell

Dawn Chappell Reigate Pilates

Obsessed with Pilates!

I have always been very active. In my younger years I was a real gym bunny, I also loved aerobics, in particular step aerobics (shows my age!).

I have ridden since I was a child and for my 40th birthday my husband bought me the best ever present… a beautiful horse called Holly. In order to improve my riding I started attending Pilates classes.

Pilates is the perfect exercise for riders as good alignment and core stability are essential if you wish to ride well. What started as a weekly class then evolved into a bit of an obsession. I just loved what it did to my body – long lean muscles, improved flexibility (very much a work in progress) and of course, greater stability.

What I hadn’t anticipated was the effect Pilates had on my overall wellbeing, at the time I had a very stressful job, Pilates enabled me to quieten my mind and bring calmness to my body.

I am so excited about becoming a member of Shannon’s fabulous team and having the opportunity to share the benefits of Pilates with others.