Jane Pooley

Jane Pooley Reigate Pilates

Warm, enthusiastic and energetic

Jane has very quickly become a hugely popular teacher at Reigate Pilates, but interestingly she has been with us for over five years as one of our very first interested parties.  Jane instantly got hooked and then we couldn’t get rid of her!  She has been a devoted and loyal client, coming three times a week and it has totally transformed her body and life!  Jane has very quickly blossomed into a wonderfully warm, enthusiastic and energetic teacher.  Her passion is obvious and we are thrilled to have her teaching matwork classes. Jane has also recently qualified on the Reformer and we are delighted to now offer her every popular lunchtime classes not only on the mat but now on the apparatus too.

Jane says “I have always been a keen runner but struggled to stay injury free due to an unstable pelvis. After the birth of my two girls I realised I needed to strengthen my body before attempting to run again and that’s when I discovered my love for Pilates.  I am thrilled to be a part of the team at Reigate Pilates.  I have a keen interest in the benefits Pilates can have for older teenagers and am hoping to start some childrens’ classes in the near future, having completed the Body Control Course for children last year.”