Julia Roe

Julia Roe Reigate Pilates

Life long passion for all things fitness

Julia comes to Pilates from a life long passion for all things fitness. She has spent the last 25 years in the fitness industry teaching exercise to music classes and personal training not only in London but also New York and Sydney.

As a competitive swimmer and triathlete she encountered lower back problems and soon realised that her training schedule needed supplementing with core strength and body stability. She turned to Pilates for that help 10 years ago, noticing almost immediately the benefits of a stronger, more stable and mobile body.

With her love for Pilates she qualified with Body Control and is now bringing her experience, energy and enthusiasm to every class and client that she teaches at Reigate Pilates. Julia is one of our most solid and popular teachers to join the team and she has waiting lists for most of her classes! Julia is also Reformer and equipment qualified and has several very popular classes each week, not to be missed!  Theres nothing “gentle” about Julia’s classes, even though she likes to use the word, but once you start with her, you will love her and keep coming back for more!