Kirsty Bakker

Kirsty Bakker Reigate Pilates

Still waiting for "that body"!!!

Kirsty is our first Reigate Pilates Studio Manager and has certainly brought a wonderful vibe, sense of humour and organisation to the studio. After 17 years of working for an estate agency, she was ready for the change in career and wardrobe and after managing to sell houses for so long, selling a foam roller and a Reformer class seemed easy!!

Kirsty joined Reigate Pilates as a client in 2011 following the advice of her Physio. She was also tempted by the Joseph Pilates quote “promising a different body.” She has been attending classes ever since and has recently become hooked on the Reformer!

She more recently suffered a neck injury which threatened surgery. However her regular pilates attendance has managed the injury thus far.

Kirsty says “It is great to be working at Reigate Pilates alongside something I have enjoyed participating in for over five years. Getting to know the team and meeting all the clients has been fantastic so far. However I’m still waiting for “that body”!!!