Ross Carpenter

Ross Carpenter Reigate Pilates

Enthusiastic and dynamic approach

Ross has been a part of Reigate Pilates now for over two years.  He has trained at Body Control Pilates in both mat work and Reformer.

We all enjoy Ross’ enthusiasm and dynamic approach to his teaching and even I use some of Ross’ humorous analogies, which really work!  Having taught dance to teenagers, he has an unique approach and can deal with even the most stubborn of clients!  He has a very subtle and calm method of teaching and his voice and smile will most certainly make you feel at ease.

Ross says “I have been using pilates as a way of strengthening and increasing performance during my time as a professional dancer and found it integral for preventing injury. Having three years dance training and qualified in ISTD ballet, I now teach contemporary dance at many of the conservatoires around London and hope to bring my love for pilates and teaching into the pilates studio.”

Ross moves beautifully and has hamstrings to die for! You will most certainly be inspired by the way pilates has helped his flexibility and you never know, he may even throw in some dance moves into your class every once in a while!