Sarah Eser

Sarah Eser Reigate Pilates

Passion for good movement

Sarah has always been interested in movement and exercise from a young age. After undergoing surgery after the birth of her daughter, Sarah started practicing pilates in order to remain active and sane whilst recovering. Sarah says “I had no idea just how much it would challenge me and how much I would fall in love with it. Being used to high intensity exercise I found the control of pilates movement a real test of my “strength”. I was already aware of how vital exercise was to a persons mental as well as physical well being but pilates really helped me focus on myself as a “whole” and I realised how important it was that I continue to do it to compliment my other exercise and to ensure the longevity of my active life.”

This passion for good movement grew and Sarah wanted to pass it onto others so she began her journey to become a pilates teacher with Body Control Pilates under the supervision of Shannon and some other fantastic BCP teachers. Sarah now teaches mat, HIP and Reformer and continues to train through BCP and Lisa Bradshaw.