Sharron Rushbrook


"It is a wonderful way to release and focus"

Sharron is the newest member of the Reigate Pilates team and has been practising Pilates for around 10 years. Like so many of us, her Pilates teacher became her inspiration to become an Instructor herself. Sharron trained with Body Control Pilates and is passionate about her teaching. She also has equal passion for wine and chocolate!

Sharron says “I have always been an active person, both in my previous profession and hobbies. I used to play rugby, team sports, run and cycle and was feeling healthy but very “compressed” Pilates has benefited my body hugely, strengthening my core, making me feel longer and leaner and helping my balance (which was shocking!)
What I wasn’t expecting from Pilates, was how it helped with my mental health. It is a wonderful way to release and focus and has improved my total wellbeing”

Sharron teaches Monday morning and evening mat classes. She delivers an enthusiastic, well rounded class and is a very “no nonsense” teacher!