Silvan “Silver” Aidasani

Silver Aidasani Reigate Pilates

Energetic, challenging and fun

Energetic, challenging and fun are some of the words used when describing Silver’s approach to teaching. He discovered Pilates whilst studying at university in London . Since then, he went on to gain his qualification to teach Matwork in 2010 with the Pilates Institute. Following this, his interest grew and he completed specialist courses to teach on Pilates equipment – Cadillac and Reformer. Silver now also holds Ladder Barrel and Chair certificates and is also gaining his LEVEL 4 Low Back Pain qualification.

Originally from Gibraltar , Silver set up his own Studio and worked closely with GPs, physiotherapists and osteopaths to deliver specialised sessions. Silver has a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and currently works in the NHS. He appreciates the link between the mind and the body and the effect physical exercise and rehabilitation has on wellbeing.

Silver teaches Matwork, Reformer classes, equipment classes and 1:1 sessions at Reigate Pilates. He has become a very popular member of the team! One client recently tagged him as “chilli chocolate” teacher which is so true!! With his “melt in the mouth” and calming style of teaching, he’s a teacher that gives you that little sharp hit and a kick, when you least expect it!! (not literally!) Silver teaches classes on Saturdays and his classes are so addictive, we all keep going back for more! We love him!